1746 Committees/Groups
Groups are dedicated for committee use. Planning, communicating, and implementing activities for committee members and chairs. Most group listings are public and available for anyone to join.
MAC Committee
  • Private Group
  • Here is the new Spot for all MAC committee stuff. This is only accessible to members of the MAC committee and will not be publicly viewable.
Negotiating Committee
  • Private Group
  • Placeholder for committee
Retiree Committee
  • Public Group
  • They came before us and taught us the skills and as we continue to learn from them after retirements, we'll continue to fight for them.
Executive Board
  • Private Group
  • A local lodge is only as good with all working parts communicating effectively. The Executive Board is a cog in this machinist's wheel.
  • Private Group
  • Group dedicated to the greatest fighters on the front line the local lodge Steward. If you are a member of this group, you are truly awesome!
Community Services
  • Public Group
  • Local Lodge 1746 Community Services